Connecting private enterprise with Maori business

Cultural Awareness

Private businesses are missing out on business opportunity due to a perceived lack of cultural understanding. We provide an exclusive platform to align Private Businesses who want to connect and market their services with
Post Settlement Governance Entities (PSGE).

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How does it work?


Our platform provides an online space that enables private businesses to connect to Maori business partners via Personal Liason Consultants and Cultural Training products.

Business Services

Business Connect Aotearoa offer business development services:

  • Consultation
  • Accredited Membership
  • Online Training
  • Face to face Training

Business Network

Our members benefit from qualified, sincere business contacts.

What types of Business do we work with?

  • Financial
  • IT
  • Property
  • Aviation
  • Forestry
  • Infrastructure
  • Legal
  • Insurance
  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Cultural Training

What makes this initiative unique?

By subscribing to this website, private businesses can present their credentials and services in a structured format, to potential Maori clients and vice versa.

BCA Accreditation

As a business process, this platform allows Private Businesses to register under a predetermined pricing schedule.

As part of this process, the business agrees to undergo an analysis of their cultural awareness with a view to being BCA endorsed as a business of choice to Maori PSGE.

BCA Accreditation Criteria:

  • Delivers Quality of Service
  • Transparency in Business Process
  • Partners kept informed and involved
  • Cultural Values Actively Acknowledged
  • Professional approach
  • Meet agreed Time Frames

Registration Process

  • Register with BCA
  • BCA Accreditation
  • Edit Profile As a business process, this platform allows Private Businesses to register under a predetermined pricing schedule
  • Consultation
  • Strategic Support
  • Connected to Iwi

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Team: Business Connect Aotearoa

Our team are united in vision and values.

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